Paint Wood Beads the Easy Way!

This long weekend is the perfect chance to catch up on some crafting-- I on the other hand am on pins and needles as I near the end of the Mrs. Meyer's Hunt for the Next Home Maker-- vote for me, Lindsey M., through monday HERE please and thank you!

Painted Wood Beads

I found this great five dollar bag of multi-colored wood beads at Michaels and used a couple of coupons to get it for a steal! I've painted beads a few different ways in the past--but the holes of these beads are large (great for crafting with kids) so they slide around on wood skewers.  Painting a single bead at a time on the end of a paintbrush isn't always practical so I found the perfect AHA tool to paint several beads at the same time without them slipping around: pipe cleaners!


Wood beads
Pipe cleaners
Several colors of acrylic paint 
Skinny paintbrushes
Large paintbrush
Clear varnish 
Necklace chain or colored elastic
Large mixing bowl 


1. Thread 3-5 wood beads onto a pipe cleaner 

2. Pick up a small amount of acrylic paint on a skinny paintbrush and create geometric patterns with stripes or dots

3. Once your beads are painted bend the ends of the pipe cleaner over the edges of a large mixing bowl to dry. 

Painted Wood Beads

4. After your beads have dried apply a thin layer of clear varnish with a large paintbrush to keep the paint from scratching off.

5. String your finished beads along with other bits and baubles ( I like using brass hex nuts from the hardware store) onto a ball-link chain.

Painted Wood Beads

6. Cut short lengths of colored elastic and string a few of your patterned beads to create cute hair elastics or bracelets. Melt the ends of the elastic with a lighter before matching up the ends and tying in a knot 1/2" from the ends.

Painted Wood Beads

Happy crafting! 

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