Watercolor Print Scarf

As my most recent contribution to The Effortless Chic I've put together a super simple (and tres chic) tutorial on how to achieve a watercolor paint effect on a simple cotton circle scarf.  Click through below to get to the full instructions. 

how to make a hand painted watercolor scarf

I found my simple circle scarf for about 5 dollars at Walmart. In addition to one color of fabric paint and a few paint brushes this project should run you under $10. 

Love this pattern? Download one of my free watercolor wallpapers to add color and texture to your phone screen!

Happy painting! xo Lindsey Crafter 


Amazon Prime Gift Guide: Mother's Day

Mother's Day Gift Guide

These gift guides are some of my FAVORITE things to put together because I love scouring Amazon for quality and unique products. If you're an Amazon prime member you can get all of these Mother's Day goodies in typically 2 days depending on where you live--and if you aren't you can sign up for a free trial with all the perks! Here are my fail-proof picks any mom will love! 

Mother's Day Gift Guide

A shiny new pot to brew a real batch of liquid courage

Yum! Cause if it's not delivery it's Digiorno--some fresh and easy recipes to break the pizza streak.

You can keep your kids alive...but what about plants?



Mothers Day Gift Guide
Bite lipsticks are my favorite--and these minis are perfect for throwing in a bag or for impromptu dress up sessions with the littles!

For a quick swipe of "Why yes, I'm still alive!"

--because who washes their hair every day? 

Strip away the stress and nourish your face! 

This stuff is so cool and such a treat--Moms might not ever buy it for themselves so gift it to 'em!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

*with a rubber bumper so it doesn't break when the kids drop it

I love the heartfelt inscription inside the bangle

Possibly the most "chic" item I've ever found on Amazon. Perfect for accessorizing your basics and entertaining the kids while standing in line at the grocery store.

Comfy + cute = yes

For your wallet and keys--and cars and wipes and fruit gummies.

MOMS-- see something you want? Leave a not so subtle hint by keeping this post open on your counter for when your partner comes home from work *wink*

What are some of your favorite Amazon finds? Share your favorites below! 

xoxo Lindsey Crafter


Tassel Tie Moccasins with Minnetonka

I'm excited to share my most recent project with my lovely partner Minnetonka! Follow along step-by-step on their blog to see how EASY it is to add a little color to a neutral shoe.

Tasseled Moccasins for Festival Season

I’ve made my Minnetonka boots my own by adding colorful tassel ties to the laces of my favorite Venice Booties! All it takes are a few materials and about 30 minutes.


Tasseled Moccasins for Festival Season

Tasseled Moccasins for Festival Season

Happy Crafting! xo Lindsey Crafter

This post was graciously sponsored by Minnetonka Moccasins


Hand Painted Daisy Desktop Screens

  Spring is here and that means Summer starts tomorrow! With no time at all to shift the seasons of my wardrobe I decided I could at least dress my tech in new screens for spring! Enjoy these hand painted daisies in a few of my favorite hues. 

Free Daisy Desktop Wallpaper

Hand Painted Daisy Desktop Screens 


Free Daisy Desktop Wallpaper


Free Daisy Desktop Wallpaper


Free Daisy Desktop Wallpaper

For personal use only please! Happy Spring!
xo Lindsey Crafter 


DIY or BUY: Questions to ask yourself before you embark on a DIY endeavor

After a recent chair renovation conundrum I decided it was finally time to speak some truth about the DIY/Crafting industry: IT'S EXPENSIVE. 

DIY Projects

After doing my taxes this year my jaw dropped at my expenses. Lumber, paint, hardware, paper, fabric, props, beads, tape--you name it. Have you ever bought an industrial roll of velcro? Get ready to shell out $20 to stick that one thing to another thing.  So before you embark upon your next DIY endeavor read some of my tips below and ask yourself these questions:

DIY Projects
Looking to buy a new coffee table? Chances are your $40 prefab table isn't the most sustainably made option, but can you afford the cost of materials it would take to assemble your own? If you're dead set on making it yourself, most large hardware stores will cut wood for free and have tool rentals. I purchased a set of six awful burgundy stained Drs. office chairs with plans of re-uphosltoring them and sanding them down to the natural wood. HUGE MISTAKE. I've now tallied up a total of $35 worth of sandpaper and I've fully sanded 97% of one chair. I haven't given up because my vision for them is so grand--but I learned a lesson. I researched more and decided the smarter way to strip them down to the wood is with a chemical stripping agent. DUH.
DIY Projects
 I pretty much have a coronary every time I hit the check out line at Lowes. Wood ain't cheap--and once you add in finishes ($20) paintbrushes ($15) and hardware -- you could be looking at a +$100 project. I see a lot of pins on Pinterest like: "24 things you can make from $10 bucks worth of 2x4's" but they usually don't include the costs of all the tools, jigs, clamps, finishes and magic fairy dust. There are certainly ways to cut costs, and you might consider the tools a long-term investment, but don't fool yourself and do the math by researching all the components on line before going through all the trouble. 
 I think Ikea hacks are the smartest DIY projects the average person should tackle. You're working with a stable structure and "embellishing" with contact paper or spray paint. There's no structural integrity at risk and materials required to spruce up their most basic pieces won't run you more than $20-$30. Here's aN Ikea dresser hack I did for about $30 in supplies and $150 for the plain dresser.

DIY Projects
In the past I've managed to cheat a little on projects and avoid shelling out additional hundreds of dollars on certain tools--but the workmanship was shoddy. Making something poorly means you run the risk of it breaking and you're out the cost you used to make it, as well as replacing it. I think this rule should also be applied to upholstery. I KNOW I don't have the proper materials to reupholster something--SO I DON'T. I've seen a lot of tragic DIY upholstery jobs over the years and I think it's worth the cost of having it professionally done. I have A LOT of tools, and this is by FAR my favorite multi-tool. For any small-time woodworker like myself I'd highly recommend a lightweight saw/drill//sander/router like the BLACK+DECKER Matrix Drill

Cool right? It's easy to switch between attachments, so you really just need the one tool. SPACE SAVER. 

DIY Projects
Back to the Drs. office chairs. I've spent a total 5 hours now on 1.5 chairs (for some reason working on two at once makes me feel better). As a freelancer working from home my time=money so when working on a personal project I have to decide: is this worth 5 hours of paid work time? Probably not. Taking your time to be detail oriented on a project is advisable, being inefficient with your time is not. Research the best way to complete a project before diving in feet first. Find a cute chair or bench on the sidewalk? Paint it with chalk paint and invest in fresh knobs. Find a rusty bathtub in an empty lot? Leave it--don't try to make it into a couch like Audrey's in Breakfast at Tiffany's. 

If you're willing to invest in the proper tools and materials to do a project right GREAT. Rehabbing furniture and making jewelry is an amazing pastime that I think is worth the expense. If you're trying to cut down on costs in your home it might not always be the answer--run the numbers first.

Have a DIY disaster or experience you'd like to share? Comment below and let me know what you've learned the hard way! 

xoxo Lindsey Crafter 

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Free Art Print

I love sketching while catching up on my favorite shows. I'm sharing one with you today to print and frame yourself--FOR FREE. 

Free art print

Funky floral arrangements are my favorite--I draw a lot of inspiration from florists on Instagram! 
Here's my video painting tutorial if you want an easy how to! 

Free art print

free printable art
Looking for more art? Check out my shop for original canvases and artwork. I hope you enjoy this free print! Be sure to tag @lindseycrafter on Instagram if you style this in your home--I'd love to see! 

free printable art


Vintage Button Bracelets

One of my favorite things to score at the flea market are bags and jars of vintage buttons. The craftsmanship of buttons has declined significantly in recent years, so it's always fun to find beautiful handcrafted buttons that have been covered in crochet or carved in wood! One of my new friends is the creator of this awesome tool...and I've used it to create fun bracelets with button closures. Find my tips on how to use it and make these bracelets below! 
Vintage Button Bracelet

You'll need :

Nylon cord/ paracord 
Embroidery floss 

Vintage Button Bracelet
Loop a piece of nylon cord through the button holes and measure the double strand around your wrist. Tie your first knot where the strands touch the button. Tie a second knot at the ends of the cords, ensuring the button can toggle through snuggly without being too loose. Use a lighter to melt the ends and keep your cord from fraying or unraveling. 

If you're using paracord you can create a continuous loop by fusing the cord ends together with a lighter. Simply tie a small loop, thread a button through one cord and fuse the ends together by melting them slightly with an open flame and pressing them together with the bottom of the lighter. 

Vintage Button Bracelet

The Loome is an ingenious hand-held tool that does the job of countless crafting tools.   Use it to keep your cords straight while you weave--you can even work on two bracelets at once! Be sure to check out their website for in-depth examples and tutorials on the numerous ways you can use their tools. I love using a zipper cord braid on bracelets. Wind embroidery floss or thread around a piece of paper or cardboard to easily pass it over and under the bracelet cords without getting tangled. 

Vintage Button Bracelet
Macrame cord

 Mix braiding and weaving techniques for a textural bracelet. Tie on pom poms or tassels or sew on rhinestones and beads for some extra bling! 

xo Lindsey Crafter 

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