Boho Teen Treehouse Makeover with World Market

This post is in partnership with Cost Plus World Market, my favorite place to shop for specialty foods and home decor. All opinions are my own.

It took all of two seconds to sell my 14 year old sister on letting me "flip" her childhood treehouse. It sits adjacent to a wood-clad barn nestled between a few unruly Crepe Myrtle trees and overlooks the rolling pastures of our family farm. Basically it was BEGGING for a makeover. Thankfully my friends at Cost Plus World Market loved the idea of updating this space for outdoor living and I was able to find all the inspiration and outdoor decor I needed to transform this dated treehouse into the boho teen hangout of our dreams. 

First it received a thorough scrub-down with bleach and an eviction of flying insects. After re-sealing the interior cracks I painted the inside walls with a bright white exterior paint. The facade and A-frame roof got a quick white-wash finish before I sealed the entire treehouse with a deck-sealer to protect the wood from further water damage.

This treehouse was quickly transformed into a boho escape by adding lush tropical plants and outdoor lighting to the deck. Solar-powered cafe lights I picked up at Cost Plus World Market add a fairy tale glow to the trees. Mason jars filled with solar-powered twinkle lights create an authentic lightning bug flicker and can be easily hung from branches with "S" hooks.  A few rattan candle holders with LED flameless candles are perfect for lighting an outdoor space safely--no supervision required.

G E T  T H E   L O O K 

A few textural boho throw pillows and a knit pouf instantly cozied up the clean white interior. Small trays for snacks can rest easily on the surface of the pouf as an occasional table--floor space in a treehouse is limited!

A patterned dish towel was easily fashioned into patterned cafe curtains. Simply mark down the center of the towel with a straight edge, cut into two pieces and hem the raw edges with a sewing machine or a fusible tape.

Tea Towel 

I had fun walking through the kitchen section of World Market and picking out small containers that could be planted with succulents and cacti. This hanging copper fruit basket makes an ideal plant hanger for creeping vines and ferns that can live in areas with low light.

How dreamy is this treetop retreat? Pillows cozy up the space for propping up while listening to records or giving friends manicures! Small trinkets rest easily on the inside wall studs, but hooks and hanging baskets can add additional storage space for magazines and accessories.

G E T  T H E   L O O K 

Jealous yet? I'm starting to seriously consider treehouse living after completing this makeover. Remember to weatherproof your treehouse thoroughly if you plan on leaving any interior items outside. I'd personally store soft items like poufs and pillows on my patio in a weatherproof storage container and re-style when company is coming over.   

Have a playhouse like this you'd like to convert into a she-shed? I'd love to hear your ideas for making the space into a grown-up friendly hangout! I picked up all of these gorgeous pieces at the new Cost Plus World Market location in Atlanta. Never been to a World Market? Find one near you here and discover your style!

xo Lindsey Crafter

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