Missing Pieces

Adulting is hard, especially when your taste level has no concern for your financial situation. I've managed to furnish our apartment with out going FULL-BLOWN Ikea (you know that look), but there are still so many things I feel like are still missing or not where I want them to be design wise. DIY-ing home decor can be deceivingly expensive when tallying up receipts

My living room is lacking a substantial art piece, comfy pillows on the couch and a substantial arm chair.  The dining room could use a console and a heavy full length mirror -- as it also serves as our dressing room/closet.  Our bedroom needs a round mirror and bedside tables. Don't even get me started on the closets in the craft room. I don't think it could ever be resolved before the next move....so I'm wondering if I should even bother.

First world problems right? I acknowledge the blatant consumerism I'm spouting, but in all honesty: I WANT ALL THE THINGS. Especially these >

Apt. 2

Ivory throw pillow

Pink toss pillow

Embroidered throw pillow

Fabric home decor

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