In an attempt to stretch my summer just a little further I'm taking my beach-combing yield from this year and making this framed sea glass shadowbox -- it's super easy and takes about thirty minutes + drying time.

You'll Need: 
Un-stretched canvas
Shadow box
Sea glass or shells

1. Measure and cut canvas to fit the shadow box insert

2. Secure canvas to insert with the included pins or strips of hot glue

3. Organize sea glass by shape or color, play around with patterns or layouts before gluing.  I like creating straight edges and corners and letting the pieces interlock subtly in-between.

4. Starting from one corner, glue down pieces with a small dot of E6000.  Work with just one piece at a time to preserve your layout. 

5. Let your sea glass art dry for an hour before framing. Hang as a mixed media piece for your gallery wall or style with your beach combing collection!

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