Creating a Gallery Wall on a Budget: Affordable Art Print Options

Curating a gallery wall that doesn't feel so pre-fab can be challenging and can't always be accomplished with a single run to Homegoods. Here are some of my favorite ways to get art on the walls without breaking the bank! Don't forget to shop my website for affordable originals here!

1. Shop estate sales and thrift stores to grow your art collection

    A majority of my original art in my home has been purchased at estate sales. Work is often in archival condition, has been professionally framed, and has only had one owner. When purchasing art at thrift stores frames have often been thrown into several bins and handled roughly--while I definitely still find gems at goodwill, estate sales can be previewed ahead of time so you can decide if the aesthetic would work for you! My favorite website for finding estate sales near me is estatesales.net .

2. Make art feel more cohesive with colored mats

I love seeing collectors tie together vintage frames and artwork with a single color contrasting mat. This is a great way to elevate your prints and bring in a color you'll be repeating in the room design.

3. Shop around on instagram to find new emerging artists

A majority of my affordable original art has been from my art peers on instagram. About 80% of my own art sales are new collectors that have discovered me there while scrolling. Once you begin to interact with artists the app will show you similar work and you can grow a unique collection without having to step foot in a gallery! Shop my original art here!

4. Mix originals with high quality archival prints

If you're not ready to invest in originals, prints are offered by most artists and can range from 45-100 dollars depending on the size and if the prints are limited editions. Many print websites offer framing but can be super pricy. Purchasing directly from artists and framing yourself can cut down costs! My archival grade prints are so vibrant and are indistinguishable from my original work!

I've linked some sources for originals and prints below! Happy Curating!

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