She's a Brick House : Lindsey Crafter's Biggest DIY Project Ever!

It's finally happened. Last month I FINALLY got my hands on an amazing property--complete with a charming 40's era house, separate studio/shop with a fireplace and wood floors, and several acres for gardens and goats. I've been experiencing idea-overwhelm over the past few months while waiting to move forward, but I can't wait to walk you through this house week by week and not only share my progress--but its unique history in my hometown.
Whenever I mention this house to members of the community they almost don't even know what house I'm talking about because it's been sitting empty for so long. The house wasn't even on the market--but after some investigation and a walkthrough with the owners I knew it was my first house! The original owner, Izora, built the home with her husband in the early 40's and it includes all of the original doors, floors and trim they milled down the road. The house was sold to me by her sons who grew up in the house (wall art in closet to prove it). Each nook and cranny holds amazing stories and anecdotes I plan to record, honor and preserve as best I can while also making this home my own. Izora was also a craftswoman -- so I'm sure she will appreciate the color, pattern and whimsy that will fill this house again.                                                                                                                                       A few items on my wish list...               I'll cover this project in sections room by room, but here's an overview of the "before" and some of my ideas for the renovation.                                                                            1. Front of House // 2. Bedroom // 3. Kitchen // 4. Dining // 5. Bathroom // 6. Living Room1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 

 Stay tuned as I tackle the rehab of this amazing house over on Instagram, and shop my top picks over on Pinterest!

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