Interior Color Trends : How to Incorporate Lilac Into Your Home.

Years ago I lived in a three family home in a 2nd floor apartment. It was in a word "dated" with a faux sky light and orange wood floors, but it had some redeeming qualities like gorgeous wood pocket doors and a FANTASTIC lilac tub. Little did I know, but lilac would quickly replace blush and millennial pink on the home trends board. What's been most interesting is after working with this shade in a few spaces I'm recognizing it as an extremely versatile color that can create a lot of different moods - from quaint country cottage to modern glam. Check out these inspirational spaces below and give purple a second chance!

Pair it with Pattern

Contrary to popular belief, Lilac is surprisingly versatile and looks great with warm tones. Mix patterns with natural textures like linen, wicker and jute to create a cozy space. Via Country Living

Go Halfsies.

Colorful walls don't have to overwhelm a room. Break up the wall with a trimmed-out chair railing to give the room some interest and cut your painting time in half should you want to switch out colors later. Via Domino 

Use it as a Neutral

This light hue of purple brightens up this cozy cottage nook without feeling stark. It pairs perfectly with natural wood floors, old books and collected treasures. Found here.

Spruce a Small Space

Give a small shower stall a chance at redemption by giving it great design details. Handmade lilac subway tiles break from tradition and pair perfectly with gold hardware. Found on Pinterest

Just a Hint

Not ready for a permanent installation of lilac in your life? Accessories like rugs, pillows and artwork are a great way to test the waters without committing. Found on Pinterest

Go for the Gold

Pink is so often the obvious choice for a feminine room, but when paired with gold and white furniture and accessories, lilac is perfectly posh. Photo by Ben Gebo via Domino.

Color-way Tie

Campaign style drawers elevate this double vanity, providing a canvas for mixing both gold and polished chrome hardware throughout the bathroom. Via Decorpad.

Sink or Swim

Sourcing vintage sinks can be a chore, but worth it when stumbling upon priceless pieces like this enamel show-stopper. Have a vintage sink or tub in your dated bathroom? Leave it! Just replace dated tile, hardware and add modern elements with your decor choices.

Tuck it in

Lilac creates an airy mood in bedrooms without settling for muted blues and greys. Opt for mixing shades of purple underneath layers -- on the floor, or as a headboard. Designed by Tara Fingold 

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