Pennant Banner Valentine

Want to tell someone you're glad they're on your team? Make these sporty pennant banners to share the love this Valentine's Day!
Make felt pennant banners with customized messages for Valentine's Day

I forgot how wonderfully inexpensive felt was--each flag only costs roughly $2! Cutting out the words by hand is time consuming--but hey, it's a labor of love!

Make felt pennant banners with customized messages for Valentine's Day

Initially I was going to stitch these letters onto the banner with a zig-zag stitch to achieve that classic embroidered look--but apparently I had lost my mind. Managing these tiny letters and sharp turns was virtually impossible without a computerized machine, so I cut my losses and opted for fabric glue instead. I think it's still just as cute, and without the fuss!

What You'll Need 

Large sheet of rigid felt 
Complimentary color of soft felt 
Fabric Glue
Hot glue gun and glue sticks 
Fabric scissors 
Fabric chalk
Straight edge or ruler
Skinny wood dowels
1. Cut out the paper templates and trace the words onto the soft felt with fabric chalk. Cut out the words with a pair of sharp fabric scissors.

2. Trace a long triangle onto the rigid felt with a straight edge and fabric chalk. Cut out along the lines with sharp fabric scissors.

3. Position the felt words onto the banner and glue in place with small dots of fabric glue.

4. Fold over the flag edge encasing a skinny wood dowel and hot-glue the flap down to complete your flag.

Make felt pennant banners with customized messages for Valentine's Day

Style your pretty pennant banner in a bouquet of Valentine's day flowers or prop up on a co-worker's desk to brighten their day!

Save and print this template for easy tracing!

xo Lindsey Crafter

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