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For years I had an odd aversion to having a headboard above my bed. Even going to  the extreme/insane lengths of rebuilding a bed frame from Ikea with lumber to avoid purchasing the headboard component.  I'm not entirely sure now on the reason...maybe wanting to achieve a "boho" look...but after years of naked space above my bed I'm finally embracing the overall need for scale in a room and how headboards can actually make your room feel larger and cozier! Headboard-less yourself?! Check out these awesome ideas below for dressing the space above your bed! 

Create a herringbone wood headboard

I created this wood shim herringbone headboard in partnership with Ehow (see complete steps here). It was super tedious but fairly inexpensive and adds a serious amount of texture to our bedroom. I can't wait to make a whitewashed or color-stained version! 

Jenni of I Spy DIY created this amazing headboard from wood trim. See her detailed DIY instructions on her website

I love the one-step idea of mounting a live-edge slice of wood over your bed ... just several coats of polyurethane to make it easy to dust, or keep it raw for a more textures feel! This headboard almost looks like a piece of plywood that was just cut along the marbled wood grain to create a faux live-edge that's certainly a more cost effective option! 

Image found here but without a link to the original photographer. 

Here's another live edge version but with a floating shelf cut from a thinner live-edge plank!  I require a bit more storage space for chargers and such...but this minimal look is simply gorgeous.

Check out the full house tour where I found this image on Coco Kelley.

This Urban Outfitters painted headboard is sold out...but can be conveniently recreated even by new DIY-ers. Paint this quilted pattern onto a piece of plywood with acrylic paint and painters tape or make the slatted wood headboard with pieces of 1x8 's cut to size. 

I've always been afraid to try upholstery because DIY can tend to quickly turn into a DON'T... but Jennifer has the right idea by adding Nailhead Trim to a fabric headboard as just an extra little detail without the hassle. See her tutorial here.

I love this starburst planked headboard (and everything else) created by East Coast Creative I think you could easily use palette wood for a more rustic look...but you can get more precise cuts/flush edges with milled lumber which is crucial when attempting geometric patterns like this. 

I love this version of a wood shim headboard by Better Homes and Gardens. How cute would this be stained or painted?! See their instructions here

Complete your bedroom look with a few of my picks below! Happy nesting! 

xo - Lindsey Crafter

Create a herringbone wood headboard

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  1. Hi Lindsey! I LOVE the herringbone headboard you made. What color stains did you use?

    Thank you!

  2. I would also love to know what stains!!


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