Striped Taper Candles

I've always LOVED striped taper candles--just haven't loved the price tag. I decided to recreate the look myself, and after a little research found that you need a specific medium to help the paint stick to the wax. I found inexpensive tapers at my local dollar store, the clearance section of Michaels ( whoop .49 cents) and Flying Tiger in NYC. These bold stripes will look amazing on your table all summer long!

How to paint striped taper candles

What You'll Need 

Acrylic Paint 
Masking Tape (in various widths) 
Taper Candles
Candle Holders 
Paint Brushes

How to paint striped taper candles

1. Tape off different widths of horizontal stripes to paint your candle. I found masking tape stuck better than painter's tape--be sure the ends of your tape overlap perfectly to get parallel stripes.

2. Mix equal parts of adhesion medium and acrylic paint. Paint stripes pulling away from the edge of the tape so as to not force paint under the seam. You will need several coats as the adhesion medium lessens the coverage. Remove the tape immediately after painting a section or the dried paint will pull off with the tape. Place tapers in candle holders while they dry. 

3. Touch up stripes with a skinny paintbrush or Q-tips and allow tapers to dry before adding to your tablescape!

How to paint striped taper candles

Things I Learned

Scoring along the edge of the tape with your nail or a knife will help you paint perfect stripe edges after removing the tape.

You HAVE to remove the tape before the paint dries or you will waste a lot of time touching up--My first batch was ruined because all of the paint pulled off with the tape. 

Chalk paint works GREAT--I got the best coverage and when burning the candle it just turns into ash.

Have you ever tried painting candles? Share your tips below! 

xo Lindsey Crafter


  1. Love how they turned out!


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