How to Organize Your Closet + Printable Closet Evaluation

This post was updated on Jan. 2, 2018 with more helpful tips! 

If you haven't read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up you might not know what someone means when they said they've Kondo-ed their closet. In a nutshell, Marie Kondo guides you through each room (and drawer) in your house and tells you how to get rid of stuff that doesn't make you happy. Sounds easy enough, but the psychological attachments and justifications we've applied to our clutter requires some guidance from the tidying up guru. I've applied organizational methods of Kondo's to cluttered spaces in my apartment and consolidated considerably. It's taken a while to feel capable of letting go of items I might have paid a lot for but haven't worn yet (like two years)-- but I've done the following to make cleaning out my closet and organizing it way less painful: 

(update--over 2 years later and this book still changed my entire outlook on clothing purchases, my carbon footprint, and what truly brings me joy. I typically only purchase one new clothing item i.e. shirts/jeans every 2-3 months. I use Kondo's methods regularly with clients to help them whip their spaces into shape as well. See a tidied up example below. Want to hire me to shuffle, spruce and style your space? Visit www.lindseycrafter.com to learn more!)

organize your closet

1. Empty it Out

Remove ALL clothing items indiscriminately and throw them on the bed (this is Kondo's system). Viewing the sheer mass of fabric you wrestle on a daily basis in one spot will inspire you to cut down on pieces. While your closet/shelf/dresser is empty you can visualize and install more effective storage systems, bins and rails to house your items in an accessible and attractive manner. Closets CAN be fun you know! Here are some options below (affiliate links).

2. Take notes 

On your phone or on paper-- write out two lists (or use this free printout I made below): Things you love to buy and wear, and Things you love to buy and NEVER wear. This will help you take an objective look at your closet and decide where you're loosing money--and space. When you're choosing items to give away jot down what it is. It's okay to like certain items, but be honest with yourself if it's a category of clothing you never wear, like skirts. Keep your notes handy when you're shopping and before you head to the register take a look at your "List". You'll maker smarter buys and won't end up with another ADORABLE cardigan you'll never wear because you pretty much never layer. Yes I'm talking about myself! Cardigans are my kryptonite but I NEVER wear them. Ever. (Update....2018 and I still haven't bought a cardigan!)

I've put this into practice and am doing a GREAT job holding myself accountable. Appreciate items in the store or online but don't feel pressure to OWN it. You can apply this same principle to beauty products and makeup-- it's just as effective. For example: I only wear Bite lipsticks so I'm never tempted to buy chapsticks or lip balms in check-out lines.

Organize Your Closet

2. Sell it

Make it sting less by listing items on a resale app like Poshmark.  You can earn back the money you wasted on impulse buys and put it towards more quality items you'll wear more often and will last longer. Be sure to photograph items in natural light on a white poster board or against a wall-- they'll translate as more expensive and sell more quickly. I like to prop my "set" with plants or accessories to make my gallery feel more like a boutique. My favorite free editing app for photos is A Color Story--just a few tweaks make my photos look bright and crisp. Don't want to use an app? Research consignment stores in your area and drop off a batch of higher-quality pieces.

Here are some products to get you started:

3. Get it O.U.T. 

Don't hesitate to take it all in garbage bags and donate it if #2 is slowing you down. It's far more important to remove it from your "holding area" as quickly as possible to avoid apprehension and generating further clutter and chaos.  Sometimes having an extra pair of hands makes the job easier, which is why many opt to hire a professional organizer!

Have a organizational method you know WORKS?! Share your ideas below!

xo Lindsey Crafter 

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