Amazon Prime Gift Guide

Uh oh. So Christmas is comin' in HOT-- got all your gifts ready?

If not don't fret -- I've put together a handy gift guide with some presents that won't get re-gifted and should get to you free in two days or less if you have an amazon prime account! 

This read will inspire even the most clutter-proned friend to get her act together!

MY FAVORITE LIPSTICK ON THE PLANET. Just go ahead and buy yourself a few shades as well.

You've probably received four sets of copper mugs for moscow mules -- but have you ever seen these gorgeous copper martini glasses?!

For your sustainably conscious friend- a sleek compost bin that won't deface the kitchen! 

I just purchased one of these for my tablet-- and it rocks! The wireless usb port is small and fits up inside the mouse when not in use so you don't misplace it! 

Happy Holidays All! 

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