Hand-Sewn Floor Poufs

No sewing machine? No problem! Accomplishing sewing projects is completely possible without a sewing machine and there are more methods other than using iron on no-sew strips. Complete a few of these poufs for about $10 and find a way to up-cycle your hoard of plastic grocery bags that have taken over your pantry!

What You'll Need 

Large upholstery needle 
Chinese knotting cord 
Several yards of canvas (depending on the size of your finished pouf and how many you plan to make)
Fabric scissors 
Recycled grocery bags or bean bag filler 
Trash Can Lid or large round shape to trace 
Tape Measure 
Straight pins

After ironing the canvas, trace your round shape ( I used a clean trashcan lid) and cut out two pieces--one top and bottom piece for your pouf.

Walk a tape measure around the circumference of your cut circle piece to determine the length of your body piece.

The body of your pouf will be your choice of height (I made mine 13") and the length you just found by walking the circumference.

Not familiar with the blanket stitch? Here's how: 

Blanket Stitch

Pull cord through from the back, 1/4" down from the edge.

Pass the needle behind the fabric and pull through 1/4" to the right of your last stitch

Pull to create a small loop

Pass the needle through the loop and pull taught 

Repeat these steps, passing the needle through the fabric from the back and up through the loop it creates.

After a few stitches you'll have a neat row of blanket stitches. 

Join the two raw edges of the canvas together creating a drum-like loop and bind the edges with the blanket stitch. Tie off end in a secure knot, melt the cord tail into the knot with a lighter for a stronger hold.

Pin one circle around the bottom edge of the loop and bind raw edges together with the blanket stitch. Remember to tie off the end in a secure knot and melt the cord tail into the knot .

Fill the base of your pouf with plastic shoppers so that it stands easily on its own. This will make the next steps easier to complete.

Pin the second circle around the top edge of the pouf and bind 3/4 of the way around, leaving a small opening to fill with more bags.  Be sure to pack bags in tightly or your pouf will lack… oomph. Try sitting on it to see how far it compresses -- plan on over-stuffing!

When you've finished stuffing your pouf bind the rest of the top edge and secure with a knot.  Trim off any stray threads or cord and POUF! YOU'VE FINISHED YOUR FIRST HAND-SEWN POUF!

Once you've completed this project you'll want to sew EVERYTHING by hand. There are numerous stitches and treatments to learn and the results are so much more personal. Looking for more sewing projects? Follow my STITCHES Pinterest board. 

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