Clearance Craft : Target Style D.I.Y.


Gauze Scarf ( Target Clearance ) 
Embroidery Floss ( 2-5 bundles depending on number of tassels ) 
Matching Thread 

Make several small tassels by wrapping embroidery floss around your fingers about 16 times 

Tie off loop at the top with floss ends hanging down

Smooth down threads and tie off head of tassel

(Trim all tassels evenly before sewing to scarf) 

Lay scarf out flat and distribute tassels evenly along length , use a ruler if needed.

Using matching thread stitch each tassel onto scarf hem and knot. 

Use one thread color or three! Ten tassels or twenty! 

See!? EASY 

Lindsey Crafter 

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