miss new booties

after living in the NY metro area for a little over four years I've experienced enough wipe-outs down stairs and bruised tail bones going down hard on the sidewalk to know : it's your shoes fault.

as I've gotten older and had more need for shoes to hustle in vs. look hot in I've  learned : you get what you pay for.

this year I finally invested in a pair of Frye boots- something I wish I'd done the second I moved up here (but to a college freshman 300 dollars was way out of budget , hell it's out of budget for post-college me) but buying footwear that's well made means it's also repair-able/ re-sole-able / re- dye-able / you name it - able by your local shoe- repair guru.  although they can often patch up even the cheapest of faux suede ankle boots, do yourself a favor, do some math, and invest.

in addition to buying a pair of boots that will last you a decade, its impossible to resist the urge to buy something fresh for the season.  Here's a round up of boots I own that have passed the test of NYC transit and sidewalk muck.

Best Winter Boots

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