Dowel Display Tree

After hitting the mother-load of vintage ornaments last year, this holiday season I wanted to display them in the most dynamic way possible ( the fine glasswork details can get lost on a tree). Growing up my mother had a wrought iron display tree in our dining room to house her collection of childhood ornaments, so I crafted something comparable but a little more modern with wood dowels.

What You'll Need 

Wood Clock Round or Wood Disk  
1.5" Dowel 
Skinny wood dowels with a drill bit in the same diameter
Jigsaw or Circular Saw
One Wood Screw
Shop Scissors 

1. Cut 1.5" dowel to your desired tree height ( I made mine 3')

2. Measure and mark every two inches from the base of the dowel to determine the tiers of the tree.  Rotate the dowel 45 degrees when marking each tier so each dowel will be facing out in a different direction on each level like branches. 

3. Drill through the dowel (taking care to keep the drill perpendicular) to create a through-and-through hole. Drilling through at an angle will create branches that slope up on one end and down on the other -- not ideal for hanging ornaments.  Sand off any rough edges made by the drill bit. 

4. Cut skinny wood dowels at various lengths ( I made mine between 5" and 16")  with shop scissors  and twist into the 1.5" dowel to create the branches.  If your branches are sliding around secure in place with craft glue. 

5. Drive a screw through the center of the wood round into the dowel to secure it to the base. 

6. Sand off any rough edges and style with your favorite ornaments.  Paint your tree an accent color or leave the wood natural for a scandinavian feel.

Lovely right?! Be sure to share if you try this project by tagging me on instagram @lindseycrafter !

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