Fifteen Minute Felt Sunglasses Case

After buying yet ANOTHER pair of sunglasses I vowed to treat them like a responsible adult should- and store them in a case to prevent crushing and scratching.  Im not crazy about hard sunglass cases and the amount of space they take up in a bag, so a simple sleeve design is what I opted for .  Currently I'm aiming to "bust my stash" and make a conciencious effort to use materials I already own, so I dug through my fabric and trim scraps and produced a few usable pieces to create a quick felt sleeve.

Here's What You'll Need 

Felt Scraps 
Straight Pins 
Ribbon Scraps or Trim
Sewing Machine 
1. Cut out 1 pattern piece 
(first be sure your glasses fit within my template, if not just scale it up 10% when printing)  

2. Fold and pin along edge

3. Fold a piece of ribbon or trim into a loop and pin into the side seam 
(for attaching charms or tassels!)

4. Sew along the edge
Keep the edge of the fabric lined up with the presser foot for a straight seam.

5. Trim threads and DONE. 

Make one, or five -- these make quick and economical presents or bridesmaids gifts. 

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