Upgrade Builder-Grade Cabinetry with Arrow Fastener

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I’ve spent months researching and planning out my ideal kitchen -- it currently stands stripped down to the subfloor -- and I was eager to test out a technique I’ve seen in designer kitchens online. It’s super simple to achieve this high-end trim technique on most generic flat-door cabinets without breaking the bank or investing in any major carpentry tools. See how I transformed a pine base cabinet into stylish storage on my patio with my new Arrow PT18G Pneumatic Brad Nailer and a few strips of trim below!


Winter Wreath Round Up

Need to add some sparkle speedy quick?! Wreaths are a great way to spread cheer before anyone steps a foot through the door. Here are a few of my favorites you can whip up yourself for the holiday season.  

Poms away! With pom pom makers in a range of sizes, it's a fail-proof and festive project you can complete if you have a little bit of extra time for wrapping and trimming perfect poufs. Simply tie, wire or hot glue pom poms onto a basic wreath frame -- or if you're pinched for time purchase this one from Anthropologie


She's a Brick House : Lindsey Crafter's Biggest DIY Project Ever!

It's finally happened. Last month I FINALLY got my hands on an amazing property--complete with a charming 40's era house, separate studio/shop with a fireplace and wood floors, and several acres for gardens and goats. I've been experiencing idea-overwhelm over the past few months while waiting to move forward, but I can't wait to walk you through this house week by week and not only share my progress--but its unique history in my hometown.

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