On a Roll: Ways to Use Wallpaper on a Budget

Let's get real. Good wallpaper gets expensive REAL fast. Even as it's become more mainstream and entered into more DIY friendly markets (i.e. peel-n-stick) quality rolls still run over $100. Since most rooms require more square footage than just one roll, I rounded up my favorite ideas for maximizing your design impact without the same investment as papering an entire room.

Photo by KEVIN MIYAZAKI,  design by isabel ladd interiors

1. Go Half-sies
Cut the square footage requirement in half by installing paper on only the upper portion of a wall. Rooms with existing wainscoting and tile are perfect candidates for this move--extra points if you tie in your pastel pink tiles and tub!

PHOTO BY KEVIN paul massey

2. Look Up
Hallway walls can be tricky to design--especially if laden with multiple doors and trimmed-out passageways. Avoid the cutting nightmare and paper one long run on the ceiling instead, creating a runway of pattern in an area of high traffic!

Ellie christopher interior design 

3. Dress Your Drawers
This might be my next DIY tutorial for you all because there is NAUGHT a single example on the internet, but wallpapered furniture is ALL the rage. Papering the insets or faces of cabinet doors is a quick project that can be accomplished with peel and stick wallpaper and a fresh x-acto knife. OR if you're feeling spendy this piece from Anthropologie can be delivered toot suite.

Now that the lid is off the wallpaper box--where else can you squeeze it in? 
Underneath the treads on stairs...closet doors...backs of bookcases...underneath table glass...
List your ideas in the comments below! 

source link broken, home of julieta tello

Let the good times roll!

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