Fabric Wrapped Bedside Table with Fabric.com

I created this post for Fabric.com and have cross-posted here for my readers! Scroll down to click through to their post for the full DIY steps!

I've had this project on the back-burner in my brain for AGES. I love the dressy look of fabric wrapped console tables, so I tackled the perfect tester project with a basic Ikea Side Table as a proof of concept. Stay tuned for MORE fabric wrapping tutorials and tips!

Make a fabric wrapped side table | ikea hacks


A $30 Target Hack That Transformed my Closet

Transform and organize your closet on a budget with this $30 Target Hack by Lindsey Crafter

Closet makeovers are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do for clients--mainly because I think it has an under-appreciated impact on everyone's day and they immediately see a positive change. If you start your day struggling to find things in your closet and you end your work day by tripping over shoes (and can't to shut the door) that's TWO times it's robbed you of time and maybe even joy. Here's what I've discovered after a couple of makeovers of my own.


Jewel-Toned Interior Paint Colors for a Bold Home

In sheer anticipation of Target's new Opal House line coming this spring I'm gathering my favorite maximalist boho looks and jewel toned walls to get you all inspired for what's to come!

Jewel-toned Interior Paint Colors for a Bold Home

Layer tall plants and patterns on the vertical to balance the saturated hues. A natural jute floor covering grounds the entire space. Cobalt blue living room from Jungalow

Click through for more inspired spaces! 


Make an Anthropologie-Inspired Kilim Pillow for Under $5

Craft Tutorial & Styling by Lindsey Crafter | Photography by Laura Barnes Photo

Make an Anthropologie Inspired Kilim PIllow with Tassels | Sewing DIY

The second I saw this pink kilim style placemat at Target I KNEW it could live another life as a trendy Anthro-style pillow instead. I purchased it for $5 and then it sat in my trunk for about two months while I was totally NOT into making anything.  After meeting my new friend Laura, I dug through my project lists and called her up to shoot a wonderfully easy sewing tutorial for you all. The results are FANTASTIC! Scroll down for the detailed steps. 

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