Live and Let Live : 15+ faux plants that fooled me.

For years I turned up my nose at plastic plants. Dust? Shiny leaves? YUCK. Luckily, the standard ficus + basket combo of office lobby nightmares are rarely in production and I'm seeing more and more convincing cacti and fiddle leaf figs. Here's a list of my favorite finds (may include affiliate links) that you can add to your home whether you're lacking in decent southern exposure or a green thumb.

Image via Urban Outfitters

Interior Color Trends : How to Incorporate Lilac Into Your Home.

Years ago I lived in a three family home in a 2nd floor apartment. It was in a word "dated" with a faux sky light and orange wood floors, but it had some redeeming qualities like gorgeous wood pocket doors and a FANTASTIC lilac tub. Little did I know, but lilac would quickly replace blush and millennial pink on the home trends board. What's been most interesting is after working with this shade in a few spaces I'm recognizing it as an extremely versatile color that can create a lot of different moods - from quaint country cottage to modern glam. Check out these inspirational spaces below and give purple a second chance!

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