Upcycling DIY 's

What better way to up-cycle cans than transforming them into gorgeous retail-worthy candles! I used a couple of soup cans and a set of watercolors to create these perfectly painterly wraps for candles-- Find out how I did it in the video below! 

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I would recommend local beeswax over soy wax as a more sustainable option for your candles--it's more responsibly farmed! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BEEKEEPERS!
These will make GREAT handmade Mother's Day or Valentine's Day gifts dontcha' think? 

Upcycling DIY

Stay Sustainable! 
xo Lindsey Crafter



I haven't posted ANYTHING yet for 2016.
Mainly because this year has started off with a BANG.
If you haven't heard I'm a finalist in the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day hunt for the next home maker -- if I win I get a life changing prize package to make my brick & mortar studio a reality! So what are you waiting for?! Go HERE to vote for me (listed as Lindsay M.) EVERY DAY! 

Work is steady ( a freelancer's wish granted) and new opportunities have been knocking, but first I wanted to address my plans for Lindsey Crafter and the type of blog and brand I want to be. 

After we got home from a wonderfully long visit down south for Christmas we unloaded a heavily laden jeep full of new tools and toys and re-entered a pre-christmas scramble I'd left undone before our annual road trip. 

Amazon boxes galore…plastic shopping bags…trash…dollar store decorations from a  DIY project I never got to. 

I felt disgusted with myself…like I was trying to buy my way into the creative club of DIY crafting.  This past year I've put a considerable amount of what I've made freelancing into producing content for this blog. In review--EVERY project I spent money on. I have a craft room I can barely work in from an over-surplus of supplies…but I probably used about 25% of it consistently. 

This year my goal is to utilize what I own and minimize waste. I want to inspire you to take things you may already have in your home and transform them into something functional and fashionable.  Lets get sustainable in 2016!

THAT BEING SAID-- these DIY "love bug" valentines were made of materials I already had on hand! Woop Woop--Let the challenge begin!

HERE'S WHAT YOU'LL NEED ( or make do with what you have )

Plastic Bugs
Acrylic Paint
Small Paintbrushes
Stickers, Rhinestones & Glitter
Paint Pen
Sticky Foam Mounting Tabs
Gift Boxes or Cards
Clear Gloss Varnish

1. Paint sections of your bug with layers of acrylic and let dry
2. Apply glue to isolated sections with a paintbrush and sprinkle on fine glitter
3. Paint on small heart details, striped legs and glue on rhinestones or sequins for spots!
4. Paint a box with a scripted message and nestle your finished love bug in some crinkle paper before sending to your valentine!
5. Use a foam mounting square to attach love bugs to tags or cards



Abstract Florals Painting Tutorial and GIVEAWAY

I've been painting up a storm lately so I thought I'd share a quick how-to with you-- ON YOUTUBE. Paint along with me or host your own painting party in your living room! I finished filming this in about an hour-- so I'm sure you'll be able to complete this in an hour or less! I LOVE funky floral arrangements, so I'll walk you through my favorite methods for creating these shapes and textures.  Have an idea or tip?! Share with the class in the comment section below!

Easy Floral Painting Tutorial

I'll also be giving away this painting to one new subscriber so be sure to click subscribe to my new youtube channel and comment that you entered below the video! I'll be announcing the winner February 15th.


Optional: Hair Dryer

Easy Floral Painting Tutorial

Be sure to share your finished canvases with me on instagram by tagging @lindseycrafter! 

This post contains affiliate links to help you find what you'll need to finish this project and keep Lindsey Crafter craftin'!

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