DIY Blush and Bronzer Sticks

After a fun experiment with making eyeshadow last Fall, I decided I might as well take a swing at making my own creme blush and bronzer sticks...couldn't be that hard right?!

Make your own creme blush and bronzer sticks on Lindsey Crafter


Refreshing Summer Sips

Between week-long monsoons we're experiencing the typical sweltering hot/humid days here in GA -- Though it doesn't even TOUCH the humidity we endured during our vacation in NOLA last week. To beat the summer heat I've gathered the most DELISH drinks and floats I could find on pinterest to share with you. I can't wait to try each spritzy and boozy beverage. Each of these also incorporates seasonal fruits, herbs and berries you can find at your local farmer's market! Click through to the original posts and recipes on each of these featured libations.

Elderflower Strawberry Float by Mitzy at Home

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