Rachel's Garage Makeover

She might very well KILL me for sharing the before photos, but the AFTER was just too gorgeous not to share with all of you.  The transformation took about two days and instantly brightened up the space! Product sourcing included below!

Ian's sister Rachel just moved into a new home… and after needing to stage a few shoots in the garage for another project with Black + Decker I figured we might as well give it a facelift. I was a little concerned at first that my choice of paint would be too much of a contrast to the pre-existing faux wood veneer (I didn't want to paint the whole space), but look how amazing the two pair together--so much brighter!


The paint I used was amazing, just 2 light coats and I was in business. The crates were hung from the wall to create cute entry-way catch-all cubbys (say that five times fast), I mix and matched some flea market finds with stained wood crates from Michaels.

The hook/ wire wrack system I chose only took about 30 minutes to install (once we found the wall studs) and created the perfect place to store things off of the floor.

Find the Black and Decker Article I staged the garage for Here!

Paint: Pussywillow
Paneling: pre-existing
Stain: Miniwax Classic Grey
Shelving: Kobalt K Rail System
Wire Baskets: TJ Maxx
Crate Shelving : unfinished wood crates from micheals and vintage

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