Groovy Embellished Gloves

I snagged a few of these classic knit gloves while I was home for Thanksgiving for an impromptu crafternoon with my girls.  I found some retro flower glass beads and experimented with some non-traditional color combinations to craft these textural embellished gloves.

What You'll Need 

Knit winter gloves ( I got mine from Target) 
Seed Beads
Glass Beads 
Embroidery Floss
Beading Needles

1. Lay out and attach large glass beads and rhinestones.

Be sure to cut and knot your thread after attaching each large bead to avoid long gaps of thread that can easily get snagged when you're putting on your gloves. 

2. Embellish larger glass beads by outlining with seed beads. 

3. Add decorative stitches or knots with embroidery floss.
For inspiration check out my STITCHES board on Pinterest

Buy several pairs of these gloves from the dollar section at Michaels and make embellished gloves for all your gals this Christmas!


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