Peppermint Gift Boxes

Quick! Are you in a last minute scramble to wrap your gifts? Skip the blah gift bags and make a few of these precious peppermint gift boxes!

What You'll Need 

round paper mache gift boxes in various sizes
white, red and pink acrylic paint 
paint brushes 
clear cellophane
twist ties 

Here's How 

1. paint boxes and lids with white acrylic paint.

2. starting from the center of the box , paint swirls on the lid of the box and continue the peppermint stripe down the sides. 

3. cut a large piece of cellophane 6" wider than each side of the box.  Attach one end of the cellophane to the bottom of the box with double-stick tape and wrap around the entire box.

4. gather the ends of the cellophane and secure with a twist tie before tying off with a decorative ribbon

fill with a handful of crinkle paper and your favorite goodies! 



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  1. I love them! Such a great idea!!!


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