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Our kitchen is LITERALLY my least favorite room in our rental apartment. Between the brown wood cabinets...dull tile and mismatched appliances I've really had it up to HERE with trying to make it work. After eliminating the potential of removable wallpaper due to cost I had a reluctant idea to hand paint a texture on the wall to just try to make it better. I'm here to say that this experiment was a HUGE success. I even like it with the brown cabinets (*shock*gasp*). See how I transformed my blah kitchen into my favorite room in the house with a hand painted accent wall--and for under $30!

Hand Paint a Pattern Accent Wall in Your Home

Hand Paint a Pattern Accent Wall in Your Home

Things you'll Need

Medium (1/2" angled paintbrush (artists brush, not a brush from the hardware store)
Interior paint in your choice of shade (quart)
Painter's Tape
Measuring tape
Paint Rags

Hand Paint a Pattern Accent Wall in Your Home

1. Measure and Tape off Vertical Sections
Each of my sections was 13" wide. You can change the effect and how the leaves interact with each other by increasing the spacing or making smaller strokes when painting leaves. 

2. Paint "Stems"
Use a medium paint brush to paint vertical lines along the edge of the tape--don't worry if they're not perfect--a painterly effect is what we're going for . Peel off tape and touch up where needed. 

3. Paint Leaves
Practice your leaf strokes on a scrap piece of cardboard before tackling your wall. Each of my leaves crossed over one from another stem and tapers and both ends. At first I tried to make them too thick and it looked too heavy. Slender palm like leaves are easier to paint and once you get in a groove it will go quickly. I did this entire wall by eye but if you struggle with keeping your vertical spacing consistent just use a ruler to measure increments along your stem.  This entire wall took me about 6 hours and 1/2 small can of paint! Touch up with white paint where needed.

Hand Paint a Pattern Accent Wall in Your Home

How cool will this be once my kitchen refresh is completed?! I'm still on the hunt for the perfect bar stools and trying to decide on art for above the bar! I think this would look great with contrasting color combos like navy and teal or pink and brick?! 

Happy Crafting! 
xo Lindsey Crafter

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