How to Wear a Bandana + a Quick DIY

This week (okay the past three) was WILD and was full of projects for my lovely clients--but woah--seriously neglected Lindsey Crafter. I decompressed from a packed week by painting an adorable daisy-print bandana--my favorite summer/fall accessory! 

how to wear a bandana

how to wear a bandana

how to wear a bandana

All you'll need is a bandana blank, fabric paint and a skinny paintbrush--all can be found at your local craft store! 

Line your work surface with wax paper, add a little water to liquify the fabric paint for a smoother line quality, and paint your design. 1, 2, 3 DONE! Wasn't that super easy? Wash the bandana and air dry to soften the fabric. 

Here are some other adorable ways to style a square scarf or bandana! 

1. On your wrist (via pinterest, original source not credited)

2. In your hair (source)

3. Wrapped around your bun (source)

4. 'Round your neck! (source)

5. Plus the classic cowboy look! (source)

Have a great weekend--I'm going to be snoozing on the beach! 
xo Lindsey Crafter

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