Fall Fairy Garden

Not-so-spooky pumpkins are my favorite DIYs for Fall--they transition easily from summer to fall and stay cheery well through the changing of the leaves. After the success of my floral pumpkins last season I had to stick with the theme this year--see how I crafted this darling Fall Fairy Garden in a faux pumpkin below!

Make a Fall Fairy Garden in a Faux Pumpkin

Make a Fall Fairy Garden in a Faux Pumpkin

What You'll Need 

Faux Pumpkin ( I used this diorama pumpkin
Acrylic Paint 
Paint Brushes 
Potting Soil
Decorative Moss
Small Gravel or Colored Sand 
Several Succulents in Various Sizes 
Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories

Make a Fall Fairy Garden in a Faux Pumpkin

1. If desired, spray painted the inside and outside of the faux pumpkin with a light color and let dry--be sure to tape off the stem with masking tape to protect it from overspray. Add a hand painted leaf pattern on the interior with a contrasting terra cotta chalk paint and a small round paint brush for a little pizazz! Let dry completely before planting.

2. Fill the bottom of the pumpkin with 3" of potting soil. Use a spoon to help position succulents and distribute soil where needed. Use varying heights of succulents--with the taller plants in the back as "trees" and shorter/smaller succulents as bushes in the foreground. 

3. Add moss ( found in the floral section of most craft stores) around the base of the plants for lush "grass". Pour fine gravel or colored sand down the middle of the garden to create a path! 

4. Place miniature furniture and props in your garden to inspire imagination. Prop small birds up on taller succulents with floral wire so they look like they're sitting up in a tree!

Make a Fall Fairy Garden in a Faux Pumpkin

Customize the colors to coordinate with the rest of your seasonal decor! Be sure to place your pumpkin in a sunny spot and water your succulents periodically! How cute would this be with some  battery powered LED fairy lights on your front porch at night?!

 xo Lindsey Crafter


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