Propagating Philodendron

Our house (more like greenhouse) is home to several beautiful plants hanging on through winter and struggling through a season of limited light and cold windowsills. Our fiddle leaf fig is prospering, but our palms are pretty much dead and my new adorable kangaroo fern is brittle and looking sad. One plant I've seemed to religiously neglect and NEVER come close to killing is my 5 year old Philodendron planted in a ceramic fish I picked up off the streets of Brooklyn.

Propagating Philodendron

I purchased it at Home Depot in Manhattan circa 2011, watered it irregularly and NEVER pruned it. It's lived in four different apartments and pretty much convinced me its invincible to anything life has to throw at it. I love rooting plants in water and watching the tiny tendrils develop. We've started happy basil plants from cuttings and rooted a mystery tree in a tall vase from spiral cuttings salvaged from a grocery store flower arrangement. So why  has it never occurred to me to cut my philodendron?! After five minutes of research I realized it's basically as easy as the maintanece of the plant, and considering I've got the BEST mother plant it's time for her to propagate!

All you need to do is cut off a 5-6" stem about a fingertip away from the root nodes (the brown bumpy bits).  Put the stem in a CLEAR vase filled with water or a recycled glass jar, remove any leaves that might become submerged, and sit in a warm sunny spot. BOOM your work is done, let nature do the rest!

There are now cuttings all over the house (including the bathroom) I'll keep you posted as they take root!

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