Macrame Easter Eggs

Looking to cut out EGG-CESS in your life? Skip the Easter basket this year and make a few macrame prize egg holders instead! Hang from a doorknob for kids to find when they wake up Easter morning or use as seasonal decor--you can easily switch out the egg for a vase of spring buds. I used cotton cord I already had at home, but you could use any yarn or thick string you have on hand. 

Modern Easter Egg

How to knot

1. Loop four strands of cotton cord (2 1/2 ft or longer) around a wood ring or tie in a loop creating 8 single strands. 

2. Knot each set of consecutive cords in a single knot keeping them aligned in a row. 

3. Separate the sets of cords and tie each single cord to the one next to it creating a knotted cage. 

4. Knot a second row two or three inches down from the first row, separating the cords resulting from each knot and tying each cord to it's neighbor. 

5. Place the egg within the cage and gather the cords at the base of the egg--tie them all in a single knot so that the remaining strands hang down like a tassel.

6. Trim the cords and fill your egg with candy or other goodies! 

7. Use wood beads to create beaded name tags and tassel charms.  

Macrame Easter Egg

Easy right? I made these two in under 15 minutes with precious gold eggs from Target! 

Modern Easter Egg
Happy Easter! 
xo Lindsey Crafter


  1. Hi Lindsey! You have some very beautiful items on your site. Do you take custom orders, for simple macrame projects like placemats? If so, what type of time frame and cost would there be? You can respond to my email address: strand.family.2009@gmai.com. Thanks!

    1. Sorry for the typo. That's strand.family.2009@gmail.com!


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