Vintage Button Bracelets

One of my favorite things to score at the flea market are bags and jars of vintage buttons. The craftsmanship of buttons has declined significantly in recent years, so it's always fun to find beautiful handcrafted buttons that have been covered in crochet or carved in wood! One of my new friends is the creator of this awesome tool...and I've used it to create fun bracelets with button closures. Find my tips on how to use it and make these bracelets below! 
Vintage Button Bracelet

You'll need :

Nylon cord/ paracord 
Embroidery floss 

Vintage Button Bracelet
Loop a piece of nylon cord through the button holes and measure the double strand around your wrist. Tie your first knot where the strands touch the button. Tie a second knot at the ends of the cords, ensuring the button can toggle through snuggly without being too loose. Use a lighter to melt the ends and keep your cord from fraying or unraveling. 

If you're using paracord you can create a continuous loop by fusing the cord ends together with a lighter. Simply tie a small loop, thread a button through one cord and fuse the ends together by melting them slightly with an open flame and pressing them together with the bottom of the lighter. 

Vintage Button Bracelet

The Loome is an ingenious hand-held tool that does the job of countless crafting tools.   Use it to keep your cords straight while you weave--you can even work on two bracelets at once! Be sure to check out their website for in-depth examples and tutorials on the numerous ways you can use their tools. I love using a zipper cord braid on bracelets. Wind embroidery floss or thread around a piece of paper or cardboard to easily pass it over and under the bracelet cords without getting tangled. 

Vintage Button Bracelet
Macrame cord

 Mix braiding and weaving techniques for a textural bracelet. Tie on pom poms or tassels or sew on rhinestones and beads for some extra bling! 

xo Lindsey Crafter 


  1. What a great idea, they are so cute!

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