Embroidered Baseball Hat

Make an embroidered baseball hat

Take me out to the ball game....just so I can eat all the hot dogs and popcorn and beer. No really--that's what we did a few weeks ago when Ian got free tickets to a Yankees game! My lack of game-appropriate apparel led to the inspiration of this project--a cute baseball hat! It's practical for summer but combines two of my favorite textures: raffia and embroidery. You can make your own from a hat you already own or from a fancy raffia one like this one my friends at the San Diego Hat Company sent me to play with! See how I did it below!

Make an embroidered baseball hat

What You'll Need 

Embroidery Floss (I used the heavier 2-ply)
Thick embroidery needle (not the blunt yarn needles)
Baseball Hat (Find the one I used here)

Make an embroidered baseball hat
1. Thread your needle with a single length of yarn and double knot the end.  Don't make it too long or you'll get frustrated trying to untangle it while you work. 

Make an embroidered baseball hat

Make an embroidered baseball hat
2. Sketch flowers and leaves lightly with a pencil or freehand floral motifs with straight stitches or chain stitches. Knot off each flower individually to avoid pulling and snagging on the inside of the hat.

Tip: Avoid stitching on the bill of the hat if this is your first embroidery project--this was challenging for me, but I like an asymmetrical look.

Make an embroidered baseball hat
Need inspiration or how-to's for stitches? Check out my stitches pinterest board!

xo Lindsey Crafter

Product was provided for free for this post by the San Diego Hat Company. All content, ideas and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep Lindsey Crafter goin'!

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