Funky Florals Painting Tutorial

 Throw your own crafts and cocktails night with your gal pals with this easy painting tutorial! Complete a mini canvas in just an hour or less and include mini-easels at each painting station for a "sips and strokes" set-up!

Easy Acrylic Painting Tutorial

 What You'll Need 

Acrylic Paint 
Medium Paintbrushes 
Small Paintbrushes for details
Oil Pastels 
 8-by-8 Inch Canvas 
Paint Palette or Plates 
Spray Sealant

1. Paint Background 

Easy Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Blend two to three light colors on a small canvas to completely cover the background. Don't forget the edges!

2. Sketch Flowers and Vase. 

Easy Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Use a pencil to lightly sketch out abstract flowers in a fun vessel.  Don't be afraid of imperfections--it adds character and whimsy to the scene!  Here are some sample flower and leaf shapes.

3. Add Base Color 

Easy Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Use a medium paintbrush to fill in the flowers and vase.

4. Add Details 

Easy Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Using a small paintbrush add lines and define petals. You may also want to use oil pastels to outline or add texture to your art.

5. Dry and Seal

Easy Acrylic Painting Tutorial

After your artwork has had a chance to dry, spray with a clear sealer to protect your paint from chipping or oil pastels from smearing.

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